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Die eingebrachte Beschwerde fällt nicht in den Kompetenzbereich des Österreichischen Werberates. Der Österreichische Werberat zeichnet für die inhaltliche Beurteilung von Wirtschaftswerbung, anhand des Ethik Kodex der Österreichischen Werbewirtschaft, zuständig.

Der/die BeschwerdeführerIn wurde darüber informiert, welche Institution sich der Angelegenheit annimmt.

Der Beschwerdefall ist hiermit abgeschlossen.


I paid over $100 for Fed Ex to ship international a package to me containing my Austrian Passports and IDs from the consulate in New York (America). Ever since Fed Ex received the package, they said it would be delivered by 1:30 PM today. This time did not change even after the package cleared customs in Paris last night. I needed to be somewhere today and I waited and waited for the delivery so that I could go out of the house for my other tasks. Soon after 1:30 PM came and went, I re-checked the web site and was now told it would be delivered by 6 PM. This is not even CLOSE to what was promised and now my whole day is ruined! I called Fed Ex for an explanation and was told "our commitment is for 6 PM". Well, the commitment was for 1:30 until that time passed! So they lied to me. I pushed them on that and they would not respond, only repeating the 6 PM deadline to me. I requested a supervisor but was not connected to one. I feel like they are making false promises about shipping times and then making up excuses when the times are not met. People need to be able to schedule around those promises and I feel harmed in that my other tasks have now been needlessly interrupted where I could have made other plans in a timely fashion had they been more truthful from the start.